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I created this site to share my love for the horn, to bring new and fun ways to practice horn fundamentals, improvisation and jazz!!! Hope you enjoy practicing and sharing musical ideas with me wherever you are in the world!!! Lets have fun and create a new sound together!!!


Bienvenido! Creé esta página para compartir mi pasión por la trompa francesa, para compatir nuevas y divertidas formas de practicar técnica, improvisación y Jazz!!! Espero disfrutes practicar y compartir nuevas ideas musicales conmigo donde quiera que te encuentres en el mundo!!! Vamos a divertirnos y a pasarla muy bien!!!






Private lessons/ Clases Privadas

For Private lessons feel free to send me a message and we will schedule a lesson for you! Looking forward to meeting you!📯

Para clases privadas puedes enviarme un mensaje y programamos una. 📯

From Classical to Jazz an Improvisation Method is a book specially made for clasically trained musicians who would like to adventure into improvisation and jazz. It was first intended for french horn but as I was developing it, I realized that it could easily be adapted to any instrument because it is mainly based on the Circle of 4ths. It’s a book full exercises that includes Major and Minor pentatonic scales, Blues scales, Chord tones, Modes and much more information that will help you when having to improvise and when there is no written music around. It is a very fun method, you can be very creative with it, adapted to your own level of execution, you can use a classical articulation or a jazz articulation, all depends in what do you want to work on. Hope you enjoy it. Please send a me a personal message if you would like to acquire the book. *I made Practice Tracks as a complement for the book. There are in the practice track page of this website

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07.11.2022 20:53

hary vagnette

Hi Joshua
I am visiting family in PR around the beginning of February. Are you playing anywhere in late January or early February? Also, what publication or website lists all types of music in town?

09.11.2022 02:19

Joshua Pantoja

Hi Gary,
Hope you are doing well!Looking forward to meet you here in Puerto Rico.On January 28th we are going to have an ET Movie Concert at the new Coca Cola Music Hall in PR.It’s going to be great

13.09.2022 14:47

Jean luzon

I am interested in taking private lessons on the French horn. Are you accepting students? Please let me know
Sincerely Jean luzon

24.09.2022 20:59

Joshua Pantoja

Yes! I am accepting students. I will contact you asap!
Joshua 🙏🏼📯

26.05.2022 13:24

J.J van Tilburg

Hi Joshua,
Where can I find the music?

Kind regards,
Jacqueline van Tilburg

22.03.2022 08:36


Hi, I would like to buy the pdf 📯

21.03.2022 01:05

Miguel Leon Altamirano

Me gustaría comprarlo

06.03.2022 23:00

Susana M

Hola Joshua! Estoy interesada en comprar el PDF📯

25.01.2022 14:00


Would like to buy the pdf .

25.01.2022 17:07

Joshua Pantoja

Hi Lisa, thank you very much for your interest in my book. I just sent you the information to your email! 🙏🏼🙏🏼📯📯

24.01.2022 11:39

Heinz Zimmermann

Would like to buy a pdf file

25.01.2022 17:08

Joshua Pantoja

Hello Mr. Zimmermann, i Sent the information about the book to your email address. Thank you very much for your interest in my book! All the best! 🙏🏼🙏🏼📯📯

24.12.2021 18:48

Nathan Bishop

I would like to purchase the PDF for French horn

24.12.2021 19:23

Joshua Pantoja

Hi Nathan! Thank you very much for your interest in my book. I just send you the information to your email. Merry Christmas🎄!!!

28.10.2021 00:02

Isaac LeBron

Whenever I play my instrument it sounds kinda brassy and not like any of the French horns I've heard, do you know how to fix that?

25.11.2021 01:41

Joshua Pantoja

Hi Isaac, soon I will do a video about that. I will let you know as soon as I upload it. For now, try working on breath attacks and playing comfortable long notes. Thanks for writing.

28.08.2021 02:02

Odette Del Rio

I was given a French Horn... don't know much about it, but perhaps I may dare to begin learning how to use it.

25.01.2021 18:29

Heberth Gómez

Hola me interesa obtener el libro y participar en los cursos que se den, saludos.

17.06.2020 14:38

Zahira Parrilla

Curso Improvisación En Español hoy miércoles 11 am

17.06.2020 13:45

Josue Elías Jocop Siney

Me encantaría poder participar del seminario de improvisación, donde puedo inscribirme?

17.06.2020 13:39

Josué elias jocop siney

Holaaaa maestro! Soy de Guatemala, me encantaría estar en el curso de improvisación que estás ofreciendo pero no encuentro la forma de inscribirme... podrían ayudarme con eso? Muchas gracias!!

15.06.2020 18:07


Participación del seminario

14.06.2020 14:58

Alexandra Cook

I would like to attend your class in English

11.06.2020 14:18

Israel Gadvay

Buen día estoy interesado en el seminario. Mi correo es. javisrael5910@hotmail.es

09.06.2020 18:20

Virginia Montes

Hola! Estoy interesada en el seminario de improvisación

09.06.2020 08:37


Hola. Estoy interesada en seguir tus seminarios

09.06.2020 05:38


Hola joshua!!
Me encantaría tener una copia de tu libro📯🎶

09.06.2020 05:21


Hola joshua!!
Me encantaría tener una copia de ru libro

15.04.2020 13:35


Hello Joshua, I'm a fan of your work and am looking forward to acquire your book

04.04.2020 23:50

Jeff Stockham

Hi Joshua, I’m enjoying your videos and looking forward to buying a copy of your book! —Jeff

05.04.2020 00:26


Thank you very much! I really appreciate it!
I will send you an email with the info!

04.04.2020 23:11

Cheryl Stamp

Hello, Joshua,

Yes, I would like to acquire the book.

05.04.2020 00:35


Hi Cheryl! Thanks 🙏 for writing. I will send you the info! Cheers!

03.04.2020 21:26

Isabel R.

I love the book, extremely helpful!

05.04.2020 00:40


Hi Isabel! Thank you very much!!’ I’m glad that you are enjoying it!!!

02.04.2020 18:42


I like your music:)
Welcome in Japanese ようこそ!

05.04.2020 00:34


Thank you very much!!!

25.03.2020 08:18

Vichet Khuon

very good

20.01.2020 23:17

stig molvaer

hello. I would very much like to acquire your book.

12.12.2019 18:12

Richard Paley

I am a cellist and beginning improv player. Can you send me the particulars on your book--Table of Contents, Sample Pages, Cost.

Also, are exercises written entirely or primarily in treble clef?

28.11.2019 15:41

Martin Krusniak

Information on Misty? Is this your arrangement? Is it for sale? Beautifully done.

25.09.2019 06:16

Karen Hough

Hi Joshua, loved your shallow video! Do you have that arranged for horn and piano? If so I would love to buy it. I am also interested in your improv book. Let me know how I can order it thanks. Karen

02.09.2019 02:16

Russ Seifter

Hi, I am interested in getting your book.

01.09.2019 12:57

Jeffrey Agrell

Your book looks great! I’d love to order a copy!

30.08.2019 22:46

gary vagnette

hello Joshua .. I want to get your book, Please let me know how.

20.08.2019 02:30

James Roberts

I’d like to buy your new book when the sales are set up. Felicitaciones !

19.08.2019 22:23

gaary vagnette

Hello Joshua .. I would very much like to get a copy of your new book. How do I do that.?
Thank You gary vagnette

23.03.2019 23:56

Iris Antongiorgi

Hace tiempo que no veía expuesto tan magistral la trompa francesa, . Los felicito !! Mantenga este amor hacia la música en especial hacia la trompa francesa, No es muy usual los conjunto musical